Yvan Dalain, Lausanne, 1963

Dust jacket front

Dust jacket front


Yvan Dalain’s (Yvan Lévy) images capture the spirit of Lausanne in the early 1960s. Like the Truman Show, this Swiss town appears just too good to be true, and it is obvious that the book was intended show Lausanne in the best possible light. While Swiss photographer and director Yvan Dalain’s book contains many pictures of a traditional nature, it has more than enough fresh and original images to avoid it becoming just another clichéd travelogue. Mainly shot in black and white, interspersed with colour images with that wonderfully muted 1960s palette, this book boasts some impressively combined double pages. Dalain certainly has a strong graphic language, and one could almost describe this book as the missing link between Mario Carierri’s book Milano, Italia from 1959 and the 1965 publication Milano by Giulia Pirelli & Carlo Orsi.

Preface by M. G.-A. Chevallaz – Syndic de Lausanne (Trustee of Lausanne)

Text by Jean Hugli

Afterword by M. Paul Chaudet – Conseiller fédéral

Published by Editions Générales S.A. Genève in 1963

Hard cover with dust jacket

110 pages

App. 22.6 x 28.6cm