Wouter Deruytter, BRUSSEL…?, 1990

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


Belgian-born photographer Wouter Deruytter’s first book BRUSSEL…? is an intimate view into a world of difference and tolerance. (Drag-) Queens of the night welcome the photographer and his camera, obviously recognizing his honest intentions. There are echoes here of Christer Strömholm’s publication Vännerna från Place Blanche (Friends from Place Blanche) (1983).
The second half of this wonderful slim volume puts me in mind of Francis Bacon’s infamous haunt The Colony Room in London’s Soho. Deruytter “paints” his intimate portrait of a Brussels bar and its customers in wonderful colours. This hard-to-find book has really taken its place with other “bar classics” such as Anders Petersen’s Cafe Lehmitz published 1978 or Leo Kandl’s Wiener Runden from 1999.

Wouter Deruytter lives and works in New York.

Wouter Deruytter’s website: www.wouterderuytter.com

Self-published (Double You Dee) 1990 in an edition of 1000 copies (250 signed and numbered)

Introduction/poem by Maurice Béjart in French, English and Dutch

Hard cover

25.6 x 29.6cm

64 pages

Title pages signed by Wouter Deruytter

Title pages signed by Wouter Deruytter