Wilhelm Polzer, Sexuellperverse, 1930


Belly-band (obi) from the 3rd volume


This is probably one of the strangest books in my collection. Kriminal-Kommisar a.D. W. Polzer wrote this pseudoscientific oeuvre.

The book claims to be an encyclopaedia. It contains essays on homosexuality, lesbian love, flagellantism, fetishism, narcism, transvestites, hermaphrodites, cross-dressing, sadism, masochism, castration, masturbation, prostitution, among many others. Some statistics are also included. There are elements of a truly scientific approach to studying every facet of human sexuality, with parallels to the work of Magnus Hirschfeld. This doesn’t really disguise the overall impression that the book was designed for a wider audience, with an emphasis more on titillation than genuine scientific research.

The author writes in short essays (mostly between one and three pages) about sexual, criminal or social related themes, or simply discusses violence and brutality in its various gory forms. Sometimes these themes and ideas are related to actual crimes, but occasionally their inclusion has a more gratuitous, entertainment value. I guess this is what “und Verwandtes” (and related matters) in the title is referring to.

Sexuell-Perverse or Sexuellperverse was published in two versions:

First by the Austrian Akademischer Verlag, Graz as soft cover magazine in 6 parts by subscription and then
by Leipzig based ASA-Verlag as a cloth bound book, both in the same year.

Wilhelm Polzer gave popular lectures and was asked to publish their content in written form. He writes in his introduction text: Motto: Verstehen und beistehen! Und vor allem: Mensch zu Menschen sein! This apparent non-judgemental ‘live and let live’ philosophy doesn’t quite sit comfortably with the overall penny dreadful and freak show factor which the work is heavily inspired by, and undoubtedly cashes in on.

This work was published at the end of the liberal Weimar Republic, just 3 years before the National Socialists came to power in Germany. The book was included in the notorious Liste des schädlichen und unerwünschten Schrifttums (List of harmful and undesirable writings). Some copies of this uncommon publication did manage to survive.


Sexuell-Perverse, Kriminal-Kommisar a.D. Wilhelm Polzer in 6. Lieferungen

A yellow cloth cover was also available to house the 6 issues.

Price for each issue RM 3.- (Reichsmark) Today app. 12.5 Euros

Published by Akademischer Verlag, Graz (Österreich) 1930

Each of the 6 magazines has 48 pages of text and illustrations followed by 16 pages of photographic images

Issue number 3 came with a blue belly-band (obi) explaining that this publication is aimed at collectors, scholars and libraries, but is also of general interest, and only sold to adults. Subscribing to all six issues is still possible, and only the buyer is allowed to remove this belly-band (obi).


64 pages

20.6 x 26.1cm


Sexuellperverse, Kriminal-Kommisar a.D. W. Polzer Gew. Universitäts-Assistent für Kriminalistik

The title pages is followed by 12 pages of index and the main section of 384 pages.

Published by ASA-Verlag G.m.b.H. Leipzig 1930

Hard cover

384 pages

App. 21.4 x 26.1cm


Cloth portfolio cover

Cloth portfolio cover

Cover back and front

1. Lieferung (first delivery) cover back and front

Cover back and front

2. Lieferung (second part) cover back and front

Cover back and front

3. Lieferung (third part) cover back and front

Cover back and front

4. Lieferung (fourth part) cover back and front

Cover back and front

5. Lieferung (fifth part) cover back and front

Cover back and front

6. Lieferung (sixth delivery) cover back and front


Folder outside

Advertising folder outside

folder Inside

Advertising folder inside


Book cover front

Book version cover front













Vintage AD in Der Leib Nr. 17

Vintage AD in Der Leib Nr. 17