Volker Corell, GOOD BYE AMERICA, 1982

Dust jacket back and front

Dust jacket back and front


Volker Corell’s Good bye America is a classic product of its time in many respects. The design and layout of this soft cover book totally reflect the fashion and attitude of the early 1980s. This publication followed a major trend in the 1980s and early 1990s in Germany and Austria (and undoubtedly elsewhere) to produce popular, cheaply-printed photobooks. Publishers like Taco (Taschen), Eichborn, Hannibal or Schirmer/Mosel released titles in large print editions and monopolized the market. Despite its mass-market appeal, I do love this book. The layout and text are bold and loud, and the cover image was a daring choice for the time. Volker Corell’s black and white photographs are strong, intense and critical. And he gets close to his subjects, almost uncomfortable close. Corell focuses on various sensitive subjects, all of which are still current today, whether drug abuse, illegal immigration, racism, crime or violence. Subjects he went on to explore further in his book San Quentin – Menschen in Amerika’s berühmtesten Zuchthaus, published by Eichborn the following year. Check out this largely overlooked photobook gem.
German born photographer Volker Corell has resided in Los Angeles since 1978.Volker Corell website: www.volkercorell.com
Eichborn Verlag’s website: www.luebbe.de/eichborn

Soft cover with dust jacket

96 pages

21.2 x 30.0cm