Seiichi Furuya, AMS, 1981

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


AMS is Seiichi Furuya’s first book publication. Photographer Furuya left his home country Japan in 1973. His travels through Europe brought him to Austria and Germany, where he spent most of his time. This book was published the year before the tragic death of his wife Christine (photographs of whom appear in his later books). AMS is a street photography book in the classic sense. Furuya visited Amsterdam for the first time in the spring of 1980. Fascinated and haunted by his impressions he returned for a second visit shortly afterwards. AMS is the reflection of the dynamic impact this city had on its visitor. Tight crops and tense compositions give this publication its energetic feel. An Austrian photobook gem.
The design and size matches Manfred Willmann’s book Schwarz und Gold which was also published in an edition of 600 copies by Edition Camera Austria in the same year.

Text by Klaus Honnef

AMS was published in an edition of 600 copies by Edition Camera Austria in 1981.

Hard cover

24.3 x 24.6cm

90 pages