Ray K. Metzker, AutoMagic, 2009

Dust jacket front

Dust jacket front


German publisher Roland Angst is well-known for his fine taste in choosing projects and producing exquisite photography books through his publishing house Only Photography. He visited Ray K. Metzker and personally selected the wonderful “car” images for this publication. They are not really what one would expect in a book called AutoMagic. What we get is certainly more Magic than Auto. The straight and graphic views of Matzker’s images include cars or parts of cars, all perfectly composed. His lines are clear and strong, nothing is left to chance – even the shadows are exactly where they should be, and the reflections force us to look twice. The black and white pictures were taken between 1958 and 2007, although the majority of the images stem from the mid-1960s, when cars still had recognizably individual characters.

Preface by Roland Angst

Introduction by David Travis 6 page 7 pages index

2 pages biographical information

Published by Only Photography in 2009 in an edition of 500 copies
plus 15 copies with a silver-gelatine print handprinted by Ray K. Mezker.

Only Photography’s website: http://www.only-photography.com

Hard cover with dust jacket, numbered and signed

App. 30.2 x 32.6cm

122 pages