Polly Borland, The Babies, 2001

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


Australian born photographer Polly Borland explores the phenomenon of adult babies, that is to say, men who regularly dress and act like babies. This can involve anything from the wearing of diapers, to dressing like quaint china dolls. The pictures in this book were taken in ‘baby clubs’ and private homes in Australia, California, England and France. A very well sequenced journey into the slightly surreal world of a fetish unknown to most of us, though the book states that worldwide devotees run into the tens of thousands. Polly Borland has a sharp eye with an acute love of detail. Switching between documentary and staged imagery, she allows us to peek into these adult play-pens, unveiling the colourful world of paraphilic infantilism (autonepiophilia). The book is so lighthearted (though it never reaches farce, and is not without pathos) that it is impossible to be shocked or disgusted. A wonderful project.

Polly Borland’s website: www.pollyborland.com

Powerhouse Books: www.powerhousebooks.com

Photographs edited and sequenced by Mark Holborn

A four page essay by Susan Sontag from August 2000

Two page introduction by Mark Holborn

One page afterword by Polly Borland

Published by powerHouse books New York in 2001

Hard cover

App. 26.7 x 24.6cm

112 pages