Perry Kretz / Rolf Winter, Die kleinen Banditen von Bogota, 1978

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


German-born American photojournalist Perry Kretz documented the lives of street kids in the Columbian capital of Bogota. They were   photographed on assignment for Stern magazine Germany.
The book opens with a text by journalist and author Rolf Winter (who later became editor-in-chief of both Stern and GEO magazine). The first photograph in this book shows a boy asleep on some steps, a political poster in the background. The picture caption reads as follows: Politiker versprechen den Fortschritt. Auf den Stufen schläft einer – einer den vom Fortschritt vergessenen Gambines. (Politicians promise progress. On the steps sleeps one who progress has forgotten).

This rather fragile paperback tends to lose pages easily, as the binding glue dries over time. The graphic design and construction are definitely dated, but do not distract from the overall timeless spirit of the publication.

2 1/3 pages text by Rolf Winter

Designed by Gottfried Hattinger

Published by Hannibal Verlag, Salzburg in 1978

Soft cover

21.0 x 28.4cm

128 pages