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Heinz von Perckhammer, Edle Nacktheit in China / The Culture of the Nude in China, 1928

Top left to right: German language edition, English language edition, German language limited edition, Publishers advertising folder. Bottom left to right: German language half-leather edition (dark blue leather), German language half-leather edition (light blue leather), English language half-leather edition.

Kikuji Kawada, 川田喜久治, The Map – Chizu 地図, 1965, 2005, 2014

Kikuji Kawada, The Map – Chizu 地図, 2014 edition (left), 1965 edition (middle), 2005 edition (right)


William Klein, Moscow, Mosca, Moskau, 1964 / 65

William Klein, Moscow editions from left to right:
US edition by Crown Publishers “dummy”, Japanese edition by Zokeisha, Tokyo, German edition by Nannen Verlag, Italian edition by Silvana Editoriale d’Arte, US edition by Crown Publishers.

LONDON SCENE & LONDON POP GESEHEN, 1969, Juergen Seuss, Gerold Dommermuth and Hans Maier (editors)



Irving Penn, PHOTOGRAPHS, 1960

Cover back and front

Dr. Hans Killian, FACIES DOLOROSA (Painful faces), 1934, 1956, 1967

Hans Killian, Facies Dolorosa, 1956, 1934, 1967


Ken Ohara, ONE, 1970, 1998, 2005

Ken Ohara, ONE, 1970, Dust jacket back, spine and front

Shōmei Tōmatsu 東松 照明, <11時02分> NAGASAKI, 1966

Shōmei Tōmatsu 東松 照明, <11時02分> Nagasaki, 1966 – slipcase

Waldemar Weimann & Otto Prokop (editors), Atlas der gerichtlichen Medizin (Atlas of Forensic Medicine), 1963

Dust jacket back and front

La semaine héroïque (The Heroic Week) 19-25 Août (August) 1944

Cover with obi-band back and front