Nachrichtenbrücke im Kosmos, [1968]

Cover front

Cover front


This little book is a wonderful example of Soviet propaganda.

We learn just how good things are in the USSR (with any number of technological inventions) and how well-connected they are with the world, in this case France. It is a fascinating exploration of a perceived ‘future’, and illustrates the level of sophistication of Soviet communication devices during the mid sixties.

The photographs are actually quite charming, resembling the airbrushed illustrations of a child’s book. Serious-looking men in suits or white lab-coats (with the occasional token woman) pose with this array of technology, either touching it, or simply standing around with an air of importance. The text describes how many television and radio channels currently broadcast, and how many telephones and television and radio sets are already in existence (with 48 million radio receivers) in the USSR. And the numbers are growing!

Seven pages of text are followed by 28 pages of photographs and illustrations.

From the book:
»Die Sowjetunion als Bahnbrecherin der Raumforschung war und wird immerdarum bemüht sein, daß alle Leistungen in der Erschließung des Weltraumes in den Dienst der ganzen Menschheit gestellt werden, daß sie Frieden und Fortschritt nützen.«
»The Soviet Union as Trailblazer of space exploration was and will be always endeavors to ensure that all services in the exploration of outer space will be placed at the service of all mankind, that they make use of peace and progress

We get a glimpse of the future…

Published after 1967 by APN-Verlag Moscow

Soft cover / brochure

App. 16.2 x 20.9cm

44 pages