N. Rella & Neffe Bau A.G. Wien, 1930

Cover front

Cover front


N. Rella & Neffe Bau A.G. Wien – Zweigstellen im In- und Auslande (N. Rella & Neffe Societe de Construction S.A. Vienne – Succursales en autriche et a l’etranger) is an extraordinary company-book in many respects. There is the architectural angle, the photographic language, and of course the added historical value. Most of the buildings shown here are no longer in existence. The reproductions are amazingly detailed, with superb printing quality.
N. Rella & Neffe Bau A.G., founded in 1873, present their works and projects from 1894 until 1930. Introduced with a two page essay on the founding and development of the company. Followed by eight chapters of photographs from unknown photographers, each starting with a wonderful art deco style illustration.

The chapters are as follows:

  • Wohn und Zweckbau (Bâtiments d’habitation et d’utilité) – Residential and non-residential buildings
  • Öffentliche Bauten (Batiments publiques) Public buildings
  • Industriebau (Constructions Industrielles) Industrial buildings
  • Wasserversorgung (Distribution d’Eau) Kanalisation (Canalisation) Water supply and canalisation
  • Wasserbau (Constructions hydrauliques) Hydraulic works – Including a 24 page subchapter about the Wasserkraftanlage und Elektrizitätszentrale „Watscha” in Kritschim Bulgarien (Installation de forces motrices hydrauliques et centrale generatrice electrique „Watscha” à Kritschim Bulgarie) Hydraulic & electric power stations in Krichim Bulgaria
  • Strassenbau (Construction de chaussées) Road construction
  • Brückenbau (Construction de ponts) Bridge construction
  • Bahnbau (Construction de chemins de fer) Railway construction

All plates and texts are placed on the right-hand page, which gives each element space and sense of importance. The pages are only held together with a light blue string, making this large and heavy volume quite fragile.

Entwurf und Ausstattung (design and layout) Ludwig St. Roth
»Chwalas Druck« Wien VII, Zieglergasse 61
Klischees (clichés): Beissner & Gottlieb Wien VI

Text in German and French

Hard cover

App. 32.1 x 24.8cm

400 pages


Cover back

Cover back