Andreas H. Bitesnich, MOMENTUM, 2018

Andreas H. Bitesnich, MOMENTUM, Hard cover


Momentum by Andreas H. Bitesnich is a playful approach to the human body and its relation to form, colour and space. Black and white and colour images of female and male nudes are juxtaposed with atmospheric cityscapes. This combination elevates the images into a new, imaginary, space that only exists in the mind of the beholder.

Momentum combines nocturnal street-lit urban landscapes with artificially-lit interiors, providing emotional, cinematic locations for the nude figures – male and female – that seemingly inhabit them”
The book is printed on rough, thin, newsprint-type paper, which gives the book a very organic and warm feel. 

35 black & white and 46 colour photographs
Published 2018 by Room5Books
Limited edition of 500 copies
Text in English

Hard cover
24 x 32cm
96 pages
Title page

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