Masahisa Fukase (深瀬昌久), Karasu (鴉, Ravens), 1986

Slipcase back and front


Karasu (鴉,Ravens) is a journey into Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase’s (深瀬昌久) melancholic soul. The images were taken in the decade between 1975 and 1985. Most of the images seem to have been taken in the aftermath of his divorce in 1976. The book was published in 1986 by Sokyu-sha, and has gained something of a cult status over the years. It was republished under the title The Solitude of Ravens in 1991 by Bedford Arts and by the Rat Hole Gallery in 2008.

Ravens appear in both eastern and western mythology, with several associations and connotations, but obviously one can’t help but find parallels to images from Hitchcock’s movie The Birds (1963). Fukase’s (深瀬昌久) book invites the viewer to come closer, and the closer you get the more you are drawn into his mysterious, almost mystical, black-and-white-movie atmosphere. Wonderful poetic images which hover between dusk and dawn, in that suspended time between dreaming and waking.

Just five years after the publication of Karasu (鴉, Ravens), Masahisa Fukase (深瀬昌久) fell down the stairs of a bar in Tokyo’s Golden Gai quarter, and was to remain in a coma until his death in 2012.

Design by Kazuyuki Goto
Edited by Akira Hasegawa
4 pages Essay by Akira Hasegawa (translated by Lora Sharnoff)
1 page biography
1 page credits
62 photographs

Published by Sokyu-sha (Yokohama) in 1986
The book was reprinted as a softcover by Bedford Arts 1991.
In an edition of 1000 slip cased copies by Rat Hole Gallery 2008
and 2017 by Mack Books with the original afterword by Akira Hasegawa from 1986 and a new text by Tomo Kosuga [both bilingual].


Hard cover with embossed image of a raven, gassine jacket and slipcase.
One page index sheet loosely laid in

132 pages

App. 26.2 x 26.2cm

Cover with glassine jacket, back and front

Embossed cover, back and front

Masahisa Fukase’s Signature



Index sheet