Martin Parr, Bad weather, 1982

Cover back and front

Cover back and front



Martin Parr, today known for his colour images (and more recently his book collecting), established his career with this series of black and white photographs published as BAD WEATHER. The adage “write about what you know” somehow springs to mind, as bad weather is undoubtedly something the British know quite well. Looking through this soft cover book I can’t help but find similarities to Japanese photography from this period, and perhaps this is why it appeals to me so much. The images were taken between 1975 and 1982, and the use of fill-in flash, that was to become so recognizable in his later work, is already present. This, combined with Martin Parr’s usual dry, humorous approach, make this first publication a real gem. Many books which were originally white tend to yellow with age, but this book is particularly vulnerable, and both the cover and the inside pages are prone to extreme yellowing.

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Publication subsidised by the Arts Council of Great Britain

Soft cover published by A. Zwemmer Ltd.

Text by Michael Fish

Introduction by Peter Turner

Soft cover

App. 29.7 x  21.0 cm



Title page signed by Martin Parr

Title page signed by Martin Parr