Mario Carrieri, MILANO, ITALIA, 1959

Dust jacket front and back


Mario Carrieri’s Milano, Italia is a dark, mysterious vision still influenced by the impact of post-neorealism. It is the result of the photographer’s two year observation of light and life in Italy’s second most populous city. The book is divided into ten sections or scenes. The mostly full-page double spreads are gorgeously printed and visually striking. I can’t help but have the impression that we see here, in some pictures, a sort of Provoke tendency, a full nine years before the Japanese Provoke group was even founded. Carrieri explores the city from end to end and this is mirrored in the book’s layout, using the full range of space allowed by the format of this wonderful book.

Published by C.M. Lerici Editore, 1959

Hard cover dust jacket

App. 25 x 29.2cm

164 pages