Jindřich Marco, Please buy my new song, 1967

Dust jacket back and front

Dust jacket back and front


Jindřich Marco photographed life in Europe (Berlin, Dresden, Warsaw, Prague, London, Hungary, Budapest, Rome) and Israel shortly after World War II, for various news agencies. Twenty years later, in 1967, the photographer searched through his archives to rediscover these striking images, which he published under the title Please buy my new song. Marco‘s images show just how people managed to struggle through the appalling conditions and poverty of the aftermath of World War II. There is no written text – beyond an index – in this book. No texts are needed as the book speaks its own strong language through the amazing images. Marco’s wonderful sense of composition places his subjects carefully amongst the flawed environments and ruins. Traumatized, wounded, but happy to have survived, through the lens of the photographer the people seem almost reborn, full of hope. The book ends with a section of pictures from Israel, suggesting hope for a better future.

A photobook which seems to have escaped the radar of many photobook collectors, but which I would highly recommend.
See also Hermann Lohss’s informative website to read about this book in German. www.hermannlohss.de

The images are printed in rich gravure with a clean and simple layout.

One page index in English

One page index in German

One page index in French

Published by Artia Prague  1967

Hard cover with dust jacket

App. 26.5 x 30.8cm

96 pages