Marc Izikowitz, Wolfgang Staiger and Michael Wolf aka. Antrazit, Maloche: Leben im Revier, 1982

Dust jacket back and front

Dust jacket back and front


Maloche: Leben im Revier is produced in the Eichborn Verlag’s house style of the 1980s. Swedish-born Marc Izikowitz, together with Wolfgang Staiger and Michael Wolf from Germany, founded the photographers’ collective Antrazit in 1981. This book is Antrazit’s fascinating documentation of living conditions in a German coal mining town in the Ruhr Valley. The book opens with texts by retired mine worker Max von der Grün, accompanied by small-format photographs. This is followed by 63 pages of intimate black and white photographs by Izikowitz, Staiger and Wolf. The photographers’ respect for the coal miners is palpable throughout. A fantastic record of this dark and dangerous microcosm, and a tribute to the hard-working men (and their families) of the Ruhr.

Michael Wolf’s photographs from this book were republished (with additional images) in the book Bottrop-Ebel 76 by Peperoni books in 2012.

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Marc Izikowitz on Ruhrakademie; Ruhrakademie

12 pages Text by Max von der Grün
63 pages Photographs by Antrazit (Marc Izikowitz, Wolfgang Staiger and Michael Wolf)

Soft cover with dust jacket

24.1 x 28.5cm

80 pages