Marc Attali & Jacques Delfau, Les érotiques du REGARD (Erotic gaze), 1968

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


This book is about the joy of looking, discovery and indulgence. Photography and poetry meet graphic design and elevate each other to another level. Seemingly voyeuristic images of women are presented to us in a playful way, making the photographs (70 including the cover image) appear strangely innocent. The images are an ode to women and a particularly male view of them – full of obvious desire and admiration. Attali’s books Les érotiques du REGARD and Forme de toi were both published by André Balland, Paris in 1968.
This large-format hard cover book came with a clear plastic dust jacket which tends to become brittle with age, usually resulting in yellowing and/or tearing.

Photography & design by Marc Attali
Text by Jacques Delfau
Published by André Balland, Paris, 1968

Hard cover with clear plastic dust jacket

27 x 35cm

112 pages