Marc Attali, Forme te toi (Shape of you), 1968

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


The book opens with a quote from Boris Vian: “Je veux une vie en forme de toi” (I want a life in the shape of her). Mark Attali’s large format Forme de toi (Shape of you) is an ode to the female form, both obsessive and worshipful. The photographer’s camera is always close to his model. He multiplies his subject, repeating and sequencing the photographic fragments. Marc Attali’s photographs have something of the feeling of an archeologist passionately exploring and discovering his subject, treasuring his finds.
The book was published in 1968, but there is a definite 1930’s feel to it. It closes with a second quote from Boris Vian: “…je l’ai, mais ca ne me suffit pas encore. Je ne suis jamais content” (“… I have it, but it is still not enough for me. I’m never satisfied”).

Attali’s books Forme de toi and Les érotiques du REGARD were both published by Editions André Balland, Paris in 1968.
This large-format hard cover book came with a clear plastic dust jacket which tends to become brittle with age, usually resulting in yellowing and/or tearing.

Photography by Marc Attali

Layout by Marc Attali and Pierre Faucheux

Texts by Boris Vian

Printed in heliogravure

Published by André Balland, Paris, March 1968

Hard cover with clear plastic dust jacket

25.9 x 35.5cm

94 pages