LONDRES – Collection “Tour du monde”, 1936

Cover back and front

Cover back and front



A wonderful collection of press agency photographs playfully combined within this 1930s avantgarde layout. There are certainly design parallels here to the 1931 M. Vorobeichic (Moi Ver) publication Ein Ghetto im Osten – Wilna. All photographs are printed full page and the landscape format images are printed vertical,elevating their visual impact. Each photograph converses with its companion on the opposite page. The choice of photographs is stark and the overall picture painted by this book is a rather uncommon, critical way to present London – an attitude even more apparent in BERLIN (the other, previously published, volume in this short-lived series).
Londres is a small format book. The plates are printed in gravure. The uncoated paper has yellowed over the years, which, as is often the case, really adds to the charm of this lesser-known photobook gem.
Londres is the second book in the intended series TOUR DU MONDE. Berlin was published the previous year.

Preface by French author André Maurois (Emilé Salomon Wilhelm Herzog).

Published by B. Arthaud – Éditeur – Grenoble 1936.

Soft cover

66 pages

14.5 x 19.3cm