José Ortiz Echagüe, Spanische Köpfe (Spanish heads), 1929

Dust jacket back and front

Dust jacket back and front


José Ortiz Echagüe divided his time between his various skills as engineer, pilot, entrepreneur, and photographer. He founded the aircraft manufacturing company Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA (CASA) and was the Honorary lifetime president of Spanish car company SEAT.
Spanische Köpfe – Bilder aus Kastilien, Aragonien und Andalusien (Spanish heads – Pictures from Castile, Aragón and Andalusia) was Ortiz Echagüe’s first book. He used a special printing technique called carbón fresson (a carbon process also known as direct carbon printing) that gave his images a rather romantic or pictorialist look. This treatment suits Ortiz Echagüe’s images of Spaniards in traditional costume often photographed in historical settings.

The production of this Wasmuth book is similar to the Orbis Terrarum series, with the images printed with a white border and multilingual captions at the bottom of each image (German, English, Spanish & French). In contrast to the Orbis Terrarum series however, the image on the dust jacket is printed in full bleed.

It was republished in 1930 in Spain in Spanish and English under the titles Tipos y Trayes de España and Spain: Types and costumes. A French edition was published with the title Espagne types et costumes with a preface by Claude de Santeuil by Espasa-Calpe SA.
Seven images from this book had been previously included in Spanien in Bildern published by Verlag August Scherl in 1928.

Although this book had a print run of 15.000 it is now surprisingly rare, especially complete with dust jacket intact.

Eingeleitet von (Introductions by)
Felix Urabayen
J. Garcia Mercadal
José Maria Salavereía
J. Munoz San Román

Print run 15.000 copies

Published by Verlag Ernst Wasmuth A.G. Berlin – Wien – Zürich

28 pages text
80 pages plates

Hard cover with dust jacket

112 pages

App. 21.6 x 30.0cm

Cover back and front

Cover back and front