Jak Tuggener, FABRIK, 1943

Jak Tuggener, Fabrik, Rotapfel Verlag, 1943, dust jacket and book cover

Jak Tuggener, Fabrik, Rotapfel Verlag, 1943, dust jacket and book cover



Jak Tuggener, Fabrik  – Ein Bildepos der Technik (Factory – A photo epos of technology), Rotapfel-Verlag, Erlenbach-Zürich 1943.
Rich black and white reproductions of Jakob (his real name) Tuggener’s very graphic look at “the face of work”. Strong portraits are often contrasted opposite technology. Perfect editing and wonderfully combined double pages make this book a sought-after classic. A slim but strong book packed with straightforward photography, which delivers exactly what the title promises: epic photos of industrial technology.


Text by Arnold Burgquer

Published by Rotapfel-Verlag, Erlenbach-Zürich, 1943

Hard cover with dust jacket and blue index sheet

App. 23 x 31cm

96 pages




Blue index sheet and back cover




A facsimile was published by Steidl in 2011.

Website: steidl.de





Der Gleichrichter, Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon, 1949



This advertisement is from a 1949 issue of Der Gleichrichter, the monthly newsletter of Swiss company Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon. In the small article Jakob Tuggener’s art and skill as an industrial  photographer are praised. It is also points out that half of the photographs in the book Fabrik were actually taken at Oerlikon.
The company offers the book to their employees at the discounted price of 4 Swiss Francs, if ordered before August 1949. (The retail price of the book was 14.20 Swiss Francs.)