Herbert List, Licht über Hellas, 1953 and Le Voyage en Grèce, 1938

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Dust jacket front





















Herbert List’s first book Licht über Hellas – Eine Symphonie in Bildern (Light over Hellas – A symphony in pictures) is the result of several trips to Greece made between 1937 and 1942. List met George Hoyningen-Huene in 1937, and Hoyningen-Huene joined him in Greece for some weeks in the summer of 1939.
Originally planned for publication in 1939, the outbreak of war initially intervened. In 1942 however Callwey (the publishers) managed to send List to Greece in order to finish the book. List survived his travels through war-torn Europe, but the project itself was destined to become a casualty. In 1945 the printing factory was bombed by allied forces, destroying most of the printing plates.
Callway finally published the book in 1953. Contrary to later opinion, List was strongly involved in the creation of the book, and many of the editorial decisions were made by him. The book has been republished with various edits several times since, most of them in better printing quality.

Published by Georg D.W. Callwey, München, 1953

Hard cover with dust jacket

App. 29 x 36cm

244 pages







Herbert List, Le Voyage en Grèce, 1938


Fifteen of Herbert List’s early Greece pictures had already been published in Le Voyage en Grèce – La Mer Grecque by CAHIERS PÉRIODIQUES PARIS issue N°9 summer 1938. This was Herbert List’s first major publication.

With texts by Esope, Eschyle, Plutarque, Philodème, Homère, Méléagre and others.‎


Soft cover

App. 22 x 27.5cm

24 pages

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