Harry Pesin, 2 1/2 HOURS WITH JUDY IN THE NUDE, 1966

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


A midsummer afternoon. Harry Pesin turns his Hasselblad camera to his female sitter. A new experience for both the photographer and his model. The summer sun casts shadows across Pesin’s paper-covered living room floor. The model’s shyness is apparent in the way she turns from the camera, and we see her mostly either from behind or from the side. The shadows draw forms on her body, leading to interesting, almost abstract, results.

Pesin talks about his and his model’s experience and thoughts about this first nude photo shoot in short passages throughout the book. Judy recalls: “If you want to know I felt, I have to say the same thing. It was like the first time with sex. The same bewilderment and curiosity and like I wasn’t there. After it was over, it was a satisfied feeling. Everything had gone well.”

The covers are made of a simple brown card with the titles printed in negative on front and positive on the back. The pages are basically loose sheets held together by a red cord. The front and end paper sheet is blue. Four strong paper sheets are used for the body of the book. Each page is divided by coloured tissue.

2 1/2 HOURS WITH JUDY IN THE NUDE is a charmingly innocent photobook, witnessing the brief encounter of Harry & Judy. Outstanding design and construction.

Harry Pesin was a photographer, author, advertising agency owner, and member of the American Society of Magazine Photographers.

14 black and white photographs

Design by Edward Seymore

Hard cover

29.4 x 29.1cm

16 pages

Harry_Pesin_2_12_Hours_with_Judy_in_the_Nude_00 Harry_Pesin_2_12_Hours_with_Judy_in_the_Nude_01 Harry_Pesin_2_12_Hours_with_Judy_in_the_Nude_02 Harry_Pesin_2_12_Hours_with_Judy_in_the_Nude_03 Harry_Pesin_2_12_Hours_with_Judy_in_the_Nude_04 Harry_Pesin_2_12_Hours_with_Judy_in_the_Nude_05 Harry_Pesin_2_12_Hours_with_Judy_in_the_Nude_06 Harry_Pesin_2_12_Hours_with_Judy_in_the_Nude_07 Harry_Pesin_2_12_Hours_with_Judy_in_the_Nude_08