Hajime Kimura (木村肇), Snowflakes Dog Man, 2016

Slipcase with books back, spine and front


Japanese photographer 木村肇 Hajime Kimura’s Snowflakes Dog Man is the needle in the haystack of contemporary photobooks.

This is Kimura’s visual reflection on the memory of his father’s passing and an emotional revisiting of his past. Black and white, strong, contrasty, grainy, his images are also often faded, like the memories themselves. Kimura keeps his memories in a box and moves on…

Two smaller books or booklets are housed within a long vertical box, where one ‘book’ slides in on the top and the other (the smaller one) on the side. The title is printed on one end of the box and the edition number on the other.

The smaller, hard cover, landscape format, book Dog Man is Japanese-bound with uncut pages.
The sheets of the bigger, softcover, book Snowflakes are simply held together with a thread inside a thick card cover. Snowflakes also contains a third booklet (using a different, yellower, paper), showing reworks of family album photographs in muted colors. This book also has the edition number.

To me this publication is one of the timeless classic Japanese photobooks.

The concept, editing and art direction was developed in the photobook-making masterclass 2015 by Yumi Goto, Sandra van der Doelen and Teun van der Heijden in collaboration with Reminders Photography Stronghold.

All copies are handmade by Hajime Kimura.
Hajime Kimura lives and works currently in Berlin.

Hajime Kimura’s website: http://www.hajimekimura.net
Reminders Project website: http://reminders-project.org/rps/ja

Published in collaboration with the Reminders Photography Stronghold, Japan 2016
in a 0-69 edition, signed and numbered.

Slipcase 20.9 x 42cm

Book 1 a (Snowflakes)
Soft cover
20.5 x 27cm
108 pages

Book 1 b
Soft cover
20.5 x 27cm
32 pages

Book 2 (Dog Man)
Hard cover
20.3 x 14.1cm
68 pages


Snowflakes cover back and front

Snowflakes cover back and front

Hajime_Kimura,_Snowflakes-Dog-Man_snowflakes_00 Hajime_Kimura,_Snowflakes-Dog-Man_snowflakes_01 Hajime_Kimura,_Snowflakes-Dog-Man_snowflakes_02



Snowflake bookler b cover back and front

Dog Man book 2 cover back and front


Dog Man book 2 with edition number, signature and credits


Book 2 Cover back and front

Dog Man book 1 cover back and front

Hajime_Kimura,_Snowflakes-Dog-Man_snowflakes_000 Hajime_Kimura,_Snowflakes-Dog-Man_snowflakes_001 Hajime_Kimura,_Snowflakes-Dog-Man_snowflakes_002 Hajime_Kimura,_Snowflakes-Dog-Man_snowflakes_003 Hajime_Kimura,_Snowflakes-Dog-Man_snowflakes_004



Slipcase with books

Slipcase with books


Hajime Kimura’s website: http://www.hajimekimura.net
Reminders Project website: http://reminders-project.org/rps/ja