Franz Hubmann, Wien – Vorstadt Europas, 1963

Franz Hubmann, Wien - Vorstadt Europas, Artemis Verlags-AG Zürich, 1963

Cover and slipcase


Some weeks ago a friend asked me if there were any good photography books on Vienna, Austria. Here it is.
Austrian photographer Franz Hubmann captured the post-World War II spirit of the city to perfection. He shares his romantic, picturesque view of a city in springtime, and a grainy high-contrast and stark vision of a grey and melancholy Vienna in autumn. The book details the simple pleasures and daily life
of a town which has just survived war. Vienna is my home-town, so for me this is an especially heart-warming and touching photo book.

Essays by Heimito von Doderer, Herbert Eisenreich, Alexander Lernet-Holenia, Helmut Qualtinger, Friedrich Torberg and Hans Weigel

Published by Artemis Verlags-AG Zürich, in September 1963

Illustrated hard cover in simple publisher’s slipcase

App. 25 x 34cm

183 pages

Franz-Hubmann-Wien-Vorstadt-Europas-1963-P10-11Franz-Hubmann-Wien-Vorstadt-Europas-1963-P29-30Franz Hubmann-Wien-Vorstadt-Europas-1963-P44-45Franz-Hubmann-Wien-Vorstadt-Europas-1963-P54-55Franz-Hubmann-Wien-Vorstadt-Europas-1963-P60-61Franz-Hubmann-Wien-Vorstadt-Europas-1963-P88-89Franz-Hubmann-Wien-Vorstadt-Europas-1963-P112-113Franz-Hubmann-Wien-Vorstadt-Europas-1963-P114-115Franz-Hubmann-Wien-Vorstadt-Europas-1963-P118-119