First, Throw Out Verisimilitude – Thoughts on photography and language (Mazu tashikarashisa no sekai o suterō – Shashin to gengo no shisō) まずたしからしさの世界をすてろ―写真と言語の思想 (Provoke 1-5), 1970

Dust jacket back and front


This book is often referred to as Provoke 4 & 5. Although the chapters are called provoke 1-5, the images are not from any previous Provoke publication, with the exception of a single image by Takuma Nakahira in chapter 1, which was previously published in Provoke issue 2. (This image also appears in his book For a Language to come.)
The book is divided into the five provoke image sections mentioned, and six sections of text, entitled predict 1-6. It was published the same year that the Provoke group split up, making it kind of final testament. The book resembles a kind of paperback novel, printed on rough matt paper. The images in this book make the ultimate break from the conventional photography of the time. They totally turn the concept of the documentary photograph on its head, presenting us with images which seem more to encapsulate the idea of the thing, the memory of an image, rather than pretending to be factual representations. This ‘more truth in fiction’ approach is the same process which had been fascinating painters for decades. It was a visual language which reached its logical conclusion with Takuma Nakahira’s landmark photobook For a Language to Come, published later the same year. The book included several images previously appeared in the three original PROVOKE issues. It would be followed by Daido Moriyama’s masterpiece Shashin yo Sayonara – Bye bye Photography in 1972, and Yutaka Takanashi’s TOWARDS THE CITY 都市へ (TOSHI HE) /  NOTE TOKYO-JIN 東京人ノート (PEOPLE OF TOKYO), in 1974. This book also included some of the images from the PROVOKE 3 issue.

Photographs by Daido Moriyama, Yutaka Takanashi, Takuma Nakahira and Taki Koji
Texts by Michie Amano, Takehiko Okada, Yutaka Takanashi and Taki Koji

Published by Tabata Shoten, Tokyo, March 31st 1970

Soft cover with dust jacket

14.4 x 20.5cm

348 pages including printed front and end papers

Cover back and front

Front papers

Front papers


Signed by Daido Moriyama

Signed by Daido Moriyama




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First, Throw Out Verisimilitude, 1970

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Takuma Nakahira, For a Language to Come, 1970

Daido Moriyama, Bye bye photography, 1972

Daido Moriyama, Bye bye photography, 1972

Clamshell box front

Yutaka Takanashi, TOWARDS THE CITY (TOSHI HE), 1974








Guevara Shashinshu || Che (Che Guevara photo collection – ゲバラ写真集 || チェ), 1969