Fabio Mauri, Linguaggio è guerra / Language is war, 1975

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


Linguaggio è guerra / Language is war is a collection of images of war and terror taken from various magazines and newspapers by Italian artist and writer Fabio Mauri. The images have been re-cropped, repositioned, and stamped with the words Language is war. This stamp is always only partly visible and adds a kind of ‘official document’ approach to the images, while appearing simultaneously humorous by their jaunty, playful positioning. Mauri is exploring the relationship between image and ideology. The visual language of war and propaganda.
This conceptional and highly political artwork is reminiscent of Ferdinand Kriwet’s book trilogy Stars or Klaus Staeck’s book Pornografie both published in 1971.

The pictures and texts were exhibited as an installation at the Museo Civico di Parma in 1975 and the Western Front Society, Vancouver in 1978.

Fabio Mauri website: www.fabiomauri.com


Texts by Filiberto Menna & Fabio Mauri

Published by Massimo Marani Editore (Rome) in 1975

Soft cover

128 pages

App. 16.9 x 23.5cm