Eugenia Maximova, Kitchen Stories from the Balkans, 2014

Cover front and back

Cover front and back


This book is structured into two parts. In part one we see Eugenia Maximova’s take on Balkan kitchens. Straight forward photographs with a great sense of composition and arrangement. The colour-palette is equally soft and strong. Accompanied by a text from Christian Caujolle. The second part of this wonderful little book contains ten recipes from the countries represented in part one. On the opposite page to each recipe is a close-up photograph of a table cloth. A quiet, well-edited and beautifully designed book, which works on many different emotional levels.

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37 pages followed by 10 recipes from the Balkans.

Self published 2014 in an edition of 500 copies.

Hard cover

App. 27 x 21cm

84 pages



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