Elisabeth B., Das ist ja zum Peepen, 1983

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


The author Elisabeth B. (a social worker in Germany) spent two months working in a peep show in New York, at the Pussy Cat Erotic Theatre close to Times Square. Driven to the job by necessity, she originally avoided all eye contact with her customers. As she became more used to the situation, she slowly began getting interested in these men, wanting to find out what kind of men they are, and why they go there. She begins by making notes, then Elisabeth B. purchases a Canon 35mm autofocus camera with high-speed film. She is now on a clear mission. The camera is hidden, set up with a self-timer that she triggers just a moment before the curtain goes up. Reversing the roles she becomes the voyeur, literally catching her customers with their pants down, and this 700 times. She also managed to interview some of the men coming out of peep shows and incorporated it, with her own thoughts, in this publication. Elisabeth B. states that she is not judging, only recording. Of the 700 pictures taken she explains that only half of them were technically usable, and this was her selection process for the publication. This is not a photobook in the common sense, as the pictures are used as illustrations to the text rather than the other way around. Nevertheless I think this is a great photo document, comparable to Kohei Yoshiyuki’s Document Kouen (Document Park) from 1980.

A text on the second page warns: It is forbidden to export or distribute this book in the United States of America.

Published by Vito von Eichborn GmbH & Co. Verlag KG, Frankurt am Main in August 1983.

Soft cover

App. 16.7 x 23.9 cm

128 pages