Eis São Paulo (That is São Paulo), Théo Gygas (Editor), 1954

Dust jacket with Obi band, back and front

Dust jacket with obi band, back and front. (Text translation: Behold São Paulo – a book – film that should be seen and read page by page – followed by a sequence of legends.)



Eis São Paulo – uma obra realizada e editada no ano de 1954, ano da comemoração do IV Centenário de fundação da cidade de São Paulo (Behold São Paulo – A work realized and edited in 1954, the year commemorating the fourth centenary of the founding of the city of São Paulo).

This is an interesting photo book in many respects, which, despite its (presumably large) print run from 1954 until the mid 1960s, is still relatively unknown.

It was published to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of São Paulo. The city is presented as the dynamic and modern city of the future. This large volume is an exercise in PR, the sort of book which would be described as “propaganda” if it had been made by the USSR.

Many pages in this book are reminiscent of the style and mood of the classic photobooks of German photographer Dr. Paul Wolff. In particular it bears comparison with Meine Erfahrungen mit der Leica from 1934 and Im Kraftfeld von Rüsselsheim from 1940. Other pages surprise with departures into avant garde montages and hand-coloured photography.

According to the introduction, 200 (201) images were selected from a pool of 8000 photographs. The full-page-printed images are of street views, landscapes, city life, automobiles, factories, churches, nightlife, sporting & cultural events, architecture, historical landmarks, as well as portraits of important figures from the worlds of art and science. Captions in Portuguese are placed on the image at the top of each page. A slim index booklet with the captions translated into four languages is bound inside the back cover of the book.

Technical director Austrian-born Ignaz Johann Sessler.
One page preface by Brazilian lawyer, journalist, poet and translator Guilherme de Almeida.

Photographs mainly by Sr. Georg Paulus Waschinski.

Texts by Théo Gygas and Guilherme de Almeida.

Index booklet in English, French, German and Spanish.

Printed in gravure and published by Editôra Monumento S.A. 1954.



Hard cover with dust jacket, obi band and 28-page translation booklet bound in. Glassine paper page loosely laid in.

24.5 x 33cm

200 pages (including printed front and end papers)

Cover back and front

Cover back and front

Title page with translucent slip

Title page with glassine paper page loosely laid in


End paper with attached index folder

End paper with attached index folder