Eikoh Hosoe (細江英公), Embrace (Hoyo, 抱擁), 1971

Eikoh Hosoe, Embrace (Hoyo), Shashin Hyoronsha Publishing House, Tokyo, 1971, slipcase with belly-band (Obi) front and back


Eikoh Hosoe’s fourth book Embrace (Hoyo – 抱擁) is a visual continuation of his 1961-published title Man and Woman (Otoko to onna).
The images are of the human body in a very simple studio setting, in front of white, black or grey looking backdrops. Sometimes overexposed to enhance and emphasize the graphic shapes of embracing bodies in front of Eikoh Hosoe’s camera. Very rich black and white printing. A beautifully produced book.

Preface by Yukio Mishima

Published by Shashin Hyoron-sha, Tokyo, 1971

Hardcover, dust jacket, slip case, belly-band (Obi)

App. 26.5 x 38cm

96 pages



Eikoh Hosoe, Hoyo, (Embrace), Shashin Hyoronsha Publishing House, Tokyo, 1971, dust jacket and book cover

Eikoh Hosoe’s signature







The Photo Image (季刊写真映像 Kikan shashin eizo) Vol. 1, May 1969


Kikan shashin eizö / The photo image vol. 1, Cover front and back

季刊写真映像 (Kikan shashin eizo) / The photo image vol. 1, Cover front and back



Eijoh Hosoe’s photographs from the Embrace series were showcased in the premiere issue of quarterly photo magazine Kikan shashin eizo / The Photo Image 1, preceding the 1971 book publication by two years.
The 32-page portfolio is followed by essays on Hosoe by Hijikata Tatsumi & Takahashi Mutsuro and an interview by KUWABARA Kineo.

The magazine also features portfolios, articles and reviews on the following photographers:

Christer Strömholm, Yutaka Takanashi, Shinichi Tsuda and Masatoshi Naito, Reiko Yamanouchim, Kishin Shinoyama, Daido Moriyama and others.

Published by Shashin Hyoron-sha, Tokyo 1969

Texts in Japanese and English

Soft cover
25.7 x 18.2cm
192 pages