Dick de Herder, Amsterdam, 1947

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


Dutch photographer Dick de Herder’s (1914-2003) first book Amsterdam was obviously inspired by Brassaï’s Paris de Nuit, published 14 years earlier. Not only are they both spiral-bound, but de Herder’s book is remarkably similar in size, format, and of course content. However, whereas Brassaï’s images are mostly void of people, de Herder shows people of all ages, from all walks of life. The book even includes some strong portraits, reminiscent of those taken by Jak (Jakob) Tuggener for his seminal publication Fabrik.
I have a weakness for spiral-bound books, despite the obvious risks involved in handling them. All book collectors know how fragile older books can be, and spiral-bound books need particular care and attention. But like Paris de Nuit it is exactly this binding that makes the book such a wonderful object and a great addition to any photo book shelf.

Introduction by Adrian Morriën

Dick de Herder’s Amsterdam is published by C.V. Allert de Lange – Amsterdam in 1947

68 photographs

3 pages introduction in Dutch

3 pages introduction in English

6 pages legends to photographs

Hard cover spiral bound

App. 17.7 x 23cm

64 pages




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