Daisuke Yokota, TEIKAI (wandering at midnight), 2014

Regular edition, Cover back and front

Regular edition, Cover back and front


In his signature style Daisuke Yokota presents night images of spaces and nudes, rephotographed and printed grey. He “wanders at midnight”, waiting for something only he can guess. It almost seems as if he is caught or trapped in some dark, undefined environment using his camera to peer curiously around, to discover.

Daisuke Yokota’s publication TEIKAI (wandering at midnight) is the second part of his TEIKAI trilogy.

This book was published in two versions: the regular spiral-bound soft cover version, and a collectors’ edition with hand-stitched cloth-bound hard cover.

Published in two versions by AKINA Books in 2014.

Version one:
Soft cover, spiral-bound

In an edition of 300 copies

Soft cover

App. 21.0 x 30.0 cm

74 pages


Publisher’s website: akinabooks.com

Daisuke Kokota’s website: daisukeyokota.net





Daisuke Yokota, TEIKAI (wandering at midnight), Collectors edition, 2014


Collectors edition, Cover back and front

Collectors edition, cover back and front


Version two:
Collectors’ edition
Hard cover, cloth-bound in an edition of 77 copies

Hard cover

App. 14.2 x 18.7 cm

72 pages