Daisuke Yokota, Linger (TEIKAI), 2014

cover back and front

Soft cover edition, cover back and front


Daisuke Yokota’s work has gained recognition through his zines and other magazine publications over the last few years. His layered images are the result of a complex, repeated process of reworking and rephotographing. He presents us with landscapes, nudes, interiors, or undefinable spaces, in which digital and analogue images and techniques merge. The technical ‘failures’ become artworks themselves, and their inclusion and celebration is one of the factors that helps make Daisuke Yokota’s work stand out. The photographer is not following any trend, but creating his own. The handmade appearance of this publication adds to its charm. This book was published in two versions: the regular soft cover version with Japanese stab binding, and a collectors’ edition in hard cover with leather spine.

Published in two versions by AKINA Books in 2014.

Version one:
Soft cover five holes Japanese stab binding + kangxi corners (A message on the publisher’s website states that the cover will fade).

In an edition of 300 copies

Soft cover

App. 20.9 x 29.6 cm

64 pages

Version two:
Collectors’ edition hard cover with Quick Quarter leather, long stitch variation, continuous supporting sewing.
Cover: Linocut rudimental printing on grey board

In an edition of 77 copies

Hard cover

App. 14.5 x 17.9 cm

92 pages

Publisher’s website: akinabooks.com

Daisuke Kokota’s website: daisukeyokota.net

Collectors edition, cover back and front

Collectors’ edition, cover back and front