Christer Strömholm, Vännerna från Place Blanche (Friends from Place Blanche), 1983

Dust jacket back and front


Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm arrived in Paris in the early 1950s, and shortly after met and befriended the young transexuals who frequented the Place Blanche. For almost a decade (1956-1962) he photographed his “new friends”; in hotel rooms, cafés and of course on the nighttime streets around Place Blanche. The photographer did not build a stage to exhibit his subjects, or surreptitiously snap them from a safe distance. He is right there among them, recording and sharing intimate moments and risky (or risqué) situations. The images are a record of another way of being and the will to choose your own identity. Christer Strömholm, known for his direct and rather “dark” images, shows here a softer, more gentle side to his photography. We can feel the emotional affection he has for his subjects through his sympathetic portrayal of their lives. It is interesting to see how the photographer’s language adapts to the emotion of his story.

The book is structured into three parts:

Boulevarden (The boulevard): An essay about the Boulevard

Vännerna från Place Blanche (The friends from Place Blanche): The main section of this book

Paris Place Blanche: 6 pages appendix on rough brown paper with historical information about Place Blanche

The book was republished in 2013 under the title Les amis de Place Blanche by Aman Iman Editions


Published by AB Trirod (ETC:s förlag) in 1983

Hard cover with dust jacket

App. 24.0 x 24.6cm

110 pages