Charles W. Alexander, Justice at Nuernberg, 1946

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


Justice at Nuernberg – A pictorial record of the trial of Nazi war criminals by the International Tribunal at Nuernberg, Germany, 1945-46.
History’s Greatest Trial is the claim made in bold letters on the slipcase. This is undoubtedly still true, not because similar atrocities are no longer committed, but that this was the last time in Western history that politicians were called to justice for their crimes. The Nuerenberg (Nuremberg) trials were and still are of immense public interest and historical value. The trials ended on October 1st 1946 and the book was published almost immediately afterwards. The events would certainly have been reported on radio and in newspapers, but the book really opened the courtroom, and discussed the trial as a whole for the first time. Charles W. Alexander was the director of photography for the trial. His photographic essays are structured into four chapters covering:

PREPARATIONS For History’s Greatest Trial

Charles W. Alexander’s photography is in the classic journalistic reportage language widely practiced at that time, though not without a good eye for composition and the creative angle.

The images in this book are always placed on the right-hand page (with the exception of the portrait of Justice Robert H. Jackson opposite his foreword at the beginning of the book) with explanatory text by Anne Keeshan on the opposite page. Full-bleed images printed on matt, almost newsprint-like, paper, ring-bound and housed in a thin card pictorial slipcase with cut-out.

Retail price of the book at the time of publication was five dollars (today around sixty four dollars).

Texts by Anne Keeshan
1 page Foreword by Justice Robert H. Jackson (Chief of Counsel for the United States)

Printed in the USA

Marvel Press

Pence James & Assosiates Chicago, Ill. 1946

Soft cover ring-bound with slipcase

23.0 x 28.0cm (book) 24.1 x 29.0cm (slipcase)

194 pages

Slipcase back and front

Slipcase back and front