Charles Kœchlin – Daniel Biot – Jean de Morène, PORTS, 1933

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


This small-format softcover book bewitches with its simple, straight-forward 1930’s layout and design. The images (by Charles Kœchlin, Daniel Biot and Jean de Morène) show PORTS in Morlaix, Saint-Raphaël, Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon & Sainte-Maxime (France), Gênes (Genoa Italy), Stambul (Istanbul Turkey), Ostende (Ostend, Belgium), Salonique (Thessaloniki Greece), London (UK), Venise (Venice Italy), and Volendam (Netherlands). Full bleed photographs printed in wonderful gravure, ranging in style from pictorialism to modernism. Each plate is protected by a glassine page. A romantic hymn to an era long gone.

Collection Formosa-Veritas Publiée sous la direction de Charles Kœchlin – Daniel Biot – Jean de Morène No I – PORTS

1 page index

PORTS 3 pages text by Jean de Morène

BORDEAUX 3 pages text by Daniel Biot

NUIT EN MER (Chanson pour D.) 1 page poem by D. B. (Presumably Daniel Biot)

32 Photographs plus 1 reproduction of a painting by French painter Raymond Belloc

Published by Imp. de Vaugirard in 1933

Soft cover

36 pages

App. 17.9 x 23.9cm