Andrej Reiser, Wen interessiert denn schon mein Elend, 1979

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Andrej Reiser touches a sensitive subject in Die Welt der Männer die Frauen sind (The world of men who are women). He photographed the transsexual men working as prostitutes in Germany’s harbour city Hamburg in the late 1970s. The resulting images are in a way a documentary photographer’s dream, having no sense of either prejudice or voyeurism. He sets the mood with the first double-page street view of Hamburg’s famous Reeperbahn. He immediately turns the camera to show the perspective of his protagonists, looking over the shoulder of a transsexual prostitute and down the street to where their clients are already on the hunt. The book not only teaches us something of this largely hidden world, but gives us a sense of just how fragile and vulnerable these men are, trapped in their own bodies. This publication is a monumental work and a manifesto for sexual tolerance.

The soft cover book opens with 10 pages of pictures with captions followed by an intimate and touching interview with prostitute Sandra, over 14 pages. The following 50 pages contain images with fragments of interviews used as captions. The book closes with an essay by Peter Gorsen (Sexualität im Wandel – Der Homo mollis und die Zerstörung der Geschlechtsrolle / Sexuality in transition – The homo mollis and the destruction of gender role).

Published by Prometh Verlag GmbH & Co KG in 1979

8 pages essay by Peter Gorsen

Soft cover

App. 21.5 x 30.3cm

88 pages