Andreas H. Bitesnich, Deeper Shades #04 VIENNA, 2015

Cover with Obi-band, back and front

Cover with Obi-band, back and front



VIENNA is the fourth book in the ongoing Deeper Shades series. One’s hometown is simultaneously the easiest and the most difficult subject for a photographer. The photographs in this book were taken between 1984 and 2015. Despite the relatively long time period, the book achieves a unity through the visual language, and careful juxtapositions. The images are printed in full-bleed from cover to cover, broken only by the title pages and credits at the beginning and end of the book.

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Published by Room5Books (self-published) 2015
Limited edition of 960 hand-numbered copies
Text in English

Hard cover with obi-band
24 x 32cm
96 pages


Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_00 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_01 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_02 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_03 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_04 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_05 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_06 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_07 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_08 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_09 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_10 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_11 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_12 Andreas_H_Bitesnich_Deeper_Shades_Vienna_13