Andreas Gefeller, The Japan Series, 2011

Cover back and front

Cover back and front


Andreas Gefeller points his camera skywards, to parts of the urban landscape which, like our own noses, are dully familiar, daily within our sight, yet rarely noticed.  Gefeller plays with this perception of the familiar and unfamiliar, taking banal wires, cables and pylons and transforming them into aliens, robots, withered trees, skeletons or microchip technology – anything in fact our imagination allows them to be. In this wonderfully-produced conceptional book, he has mastered the ability of photography to turn the commonplace into the unexpected.
Introduced with texts by Celina Lunsford and Christoph Schaden. The plates are mainly placed on the right with the occasional double-page image. The Japan series is the result of an invitation from the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee in conjunction with the “European Eyes on Japan/Japan Today” project in Tottori Prefecture in the spring of 2010. I discovered this book in 2011 and that initial feeling that I had found something very fine still remains.

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Text by Celina Lunsford 2 pages in English and 2 pages in German

Text by Christoph Schaden 2 pages in English and 2 pages in German

followed by 52 pages plates
1 pages of text about the project in English and German
1 page of index
2 pages of artists vita and information

Hard cover

App. 30.2cm x 30.0cm

80 pages