Eikoh Hosoe (細江英公), Embrace (Hoyo, 抱擁), 1971

Eikoh Hosoe, Embrace (Hoyo), Shashin Hyoronsha Publishing House, Tokyo, 1971, slipcase with belly-band (Obi) front and back

Guevara Shashinshu || Che (Che Guevara photo collection – ゲバラ写真集 || チェ), 1969

Cover back and front

William Klein, Moscow, Mosca, Moskau, 1964 / 65


German edition published by Nannen Verlag GmbH / Die Zeit Bücher 1965, dust jacket back and front

Misha Kominek, Photocopies from Tokyo, 2014

Mylar envelope back and front

Mylar envelope back and front

Ihei Kimura (木村伊兵衛), Paris, (Kimura Ihee shashinshū: Pari, パリ), 1974


Ihei Kimura (木村伊兵衛), Paris, Nora-sha, Tokyo, 1974, slipcase front, spine and back