Ihei Kimura (木村伊兵衛), Paris, (Kimura Ihee shashinshū: Pari, パリ), 1974


Ihei Kimura (木村伊兵衛), Paris, Nora-sha, Tokyo, 1974, slipcase front, spine and back


Ihei Kimura’s (木村伊兵衛 1901-1974) wonderful colour pictures of Paris (パリ) in the mid- and late 1950s are printed on matt paper, which sensitively accentuates the mood of his images. His view is almost shy; the empty streets, the people, who, with very few exceptions, turn away. The muted palette is oddly both saturated and desaturated simultaneously. Often the images verge on the monochromatic, as if they were composed of only two colours. It is impossible to say whether this was intentional or simply the result of the colour film available at the time. The reproduction technique certainly enhances this quality, as it does the entire emotional impact of this photobook gem.

Published by Nora-sha, Tokyo, 1974 (republished by Asahi Shimbun (朝日新聞社) in 2006 & 2014)

Texts by Sasaki, Koji Taki and Shinji Obkuda

Hard cover, glassine in slipcase, pamphlet

App. 19.4 x 26.8cm

318 pages


Off-white cloth cover with glassine dust jacket and pamphlet